Recipe: Sesame Tuna Steaks with Asian Slaw

This recipe is for Tuna Steaks with a hint of sesame and a healthy and tasty side of slaw. Perfectly low carb and high in protein and micronutrients

2 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 lime to juice
¼ shredded red cabbage
½ thinly sliced red cabbage
yellow pepper strips
100g beansprouts ready to eat
30g toasted and roughly chopped peanuts
tuna steaks
2 tbsp sesame seeds

Mix together the sesame oil and lime juice with some seasoning, then toss with the red cabbage, chilli, yellow pepper, beansprouts and peanuts.

Heat a non-stick frying pan until searing hot. Season the tuna steaks on both sides and turn them in the sesame seeds to coat.
Fry for 3 mins each side until the tuna is browned and a sesame crust has formed, but the fish is still pink in the middle. Leave to rest for a few mins, then serve with the slaw.