Butt Challenge Diet


Wake Up

400 ml: Water

1 capsule: Vitamin B complex

3000 iu: Vitamin D



1 portion: Simple carbs

1 portion: Protein
(N.B. if you use an alternative non-diary milk other than soya, please add the 20g scoop of vegan protein powder)

1 portion: Complex carbs


During the morning

400ml: Water

1 mug: BM1 Tea

500g: Vitamin C



1 portion: Protein (of your choice)

1portion: Complex carbs (of your choice)

1 mug: BM2 Tea


During the afternoon

500ml: Water


1 portion: Simple carbs


400ml:  BMG Brazilian Green Juice (highly recommended)



Dinner (3 hours before bed )


1 portion: Protein (of your choice)

**on rest days, eat protein only 

1 portion: Simple Carbs (of your choice)

1 Mug: Fresh mint tea


Before bed

1 cup Chamomile, fennel or lavender tea

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