Introducing the Brazilian Method training system: designed to help tone & sculpt your body and get a fuller rear end without all the bulk.

“Winner of Tatler’s “Best Bottom Class”

I am a qualified personal trainer and run my signature workout “Brazilian Method by Vivian Fonseca” in gyms around London. Now you can train with me online so you can stay fit, healthy and stay looking good without leaving your home or office.

  • Resistance based workout
  • Easy to do at home or office
  • Low impact, great for joints
  • Quick & simple workouts
  • On Demand Video

Bum - Booty - Butt

Bum Workout

The Brazilian Method workout focuses on shaping and growing your rear end.

Toned & Slender

Tone & Firm

My full body workouts will contribute to overall fitness and health.


Sculpt & Shape

Sculpt your physique with my unique resistance band workouts.

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Lose weight and build a more functional body with a variety of exercises.

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Read what #teamBrazilianMethod Girls say about my workout system.

Annika's Review


Exercising with Vivian is a joy! Since working out with her I feel better on the inside and look better on the outside!

Juliana's Review


Vivian is a game changer. Working with her has completely improved the way I deal with fitness

Victoria's review


Não é exagero dizer que a Vivian fez um milagre na minha vida fitness


London, UK

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